Why does the waterproof motorcycle dashcam, the DrivePro 20, fog up in certain conditions? Is this normal?

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The design of the motorcycle dashcam, DrivePro 20, is not in a vacuum state. For products with good waterproof performance, the ambient temperature or humidity that changes sharply may cause fogging or water droplets inside the lens because of condensation. Usually, after some time, the fog will disappear itself, which is a common physical phenomenon.

The DrivePro 20 has an IP68 waterproof rating; however, please note that the lens of the DrivePro 20 is not specially designed with an anti-fog function. Therefore, after using it in severe weather and temperature difference, we suggest trying the following two methods.
Method 1: Turn off the DrivePro 20 indoors and let it stand for a while. Charge it only when the device temperature is close to the ambient temperature.
Method 2: Turn off the DrivePro 20 indoors, open the back cover of the DrivePro 20, and place it in a humidity control chamber. Charge it after waiting for a while.

Finally, before using the device again, ensure the waterproof ring is in place and securely tighten the back cover to maintain the device's IP68 protection and provide the best user experience.
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